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Milena Carranza Valcárcel

1982 - Lima, Perú

Milena has a degree in Audiovisual Communication, a diploma in Photography and in Therapy through the Expressive Arts.

An activist within the Afro-Peruvian movement since 2000, she has since been part of various organizations, receiving in 2011 a grant from the U.S. State Department to take the experiential program "The Cultural Heritage of the African Diaspora" in six cities in the U.S. In 2012 she founded and directed, for three years, the Iwa Pele Educational Project, a space for development through art for children of African descent in the district of La Victoria.

She is also dedicated to cultural management, has worked as Coordinator of the Cultural Center of the Universidad Científica del Sur and as Coordinator of the Student Activities of the Cultural Area of the Peruvian-North American Cultural Institute - ICPNA. .

His photographic work focuses on the artistic manifestations of Afro-Peruvian and Diasporic culture, with special emphasis on their spiritual practices, being the series "Ha nacido el niño Dios. A journey along the Atajo de Negritos de Amador Ballumbrosio" series, one of the most representative.

In this way, he has been exhibiting in various institutions and cultural centers in the country and abroad.

Nowadays she lives in France, where she is studying a Master's Degree in International Artistic and Cultural Project Development in the city of Lyon. She actively participates in African student associations. 


  • Peruvian Fortnight in France "Quipu 2019" and Fortnight of Equality, Diversity and Citizenship of Bordeaux - Bordeaux Town Hall

       Prize for the best photo exhibition.

       Bordeaux, France - November 2019​​

  • North American - Peruvian Cultural Institute - ICPNA

       "Atajo de Negritos de Amador Ballumbrosio"

       Chincha - Peru, January-March 2017

  • Afroperuvian National Museum

       "Atajo de Negritos de Amador Ballumbrosio" 

       Lima, Peru 2011


  • AfroAméricaLatina - MACLA

       Collective exhibition as a part of the Latin America and             Caribbean week

       Bordeaux, France - October 2020

  • "Encounters of Bamako - African Biennial of Photography : Streams of consciousness"

       Bamako, Mali - November 2019-January 2020​​

  • Afrolatino New York Festival

       New York, EEUU - July 2015​​

  • Smithsonian Folklife Festival

       Peru - Pachamama | Washington, EEUU - June-July 2015

  • Caguas Museum

       "Afrolatinos" - Collective Exhibition

       Caguas, Puerto Rico - 2011​


  • Something We Africans Got - SWAG #10​​​

       Africa arts critical thought - Article "Latinoamérica                      también es africana y viva México cabrones" + pictures

      May 2020


  • African Culture Students Association of Lyon - AECAL. The resemblances between the Afroperuvian, Afrocuban and Afrobrazilian culture + Photo Exhibition

       Lyon, France - May 2018

  • MoAD - Museum of the African Diaspora. The experience in making the "Atajo de negritos de Amador Ballumbrosio" photographic exhibition. San Francisco, EEUU - August 2015





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